by VDM Divers (NG) Boat Committee: Doug Bammann, Bill Delameter, Charlotte Leong, Jim Oldani, Nick Stumpf

The intent of these rules is to insure the continuation of the two boat trips/year, to keep the cost as low as possible, and to give the members appropriate consideration for participation.

  1. The term "members" refers to members in good standing with VDM Divers (NG) and/or VDM Dive Club.
  2. Members have priority for attending VDM boat trips. This priority will be enforced until the determined cut-off date after which non members may sign-up. Non member dive buddies who attend the Spring trip will NOT have priority over members who sign-up by the member deadline date for attending any boat trip. Attendance of non members after the member cut-off date will depend on space availability.
  3. Sign-up start and end dates will be based on the break during the social period to give fair opportunity to members of VDM Divers (NG) and VDM Dive Club (DC) to sign-up.
  4. a. Everyone submitting payment in full on the first night of sign-ups, is considered equal. To establish the bunk priority for the first night only, members submitting payment will draw a lottery number for each person paid.

  5. Sign-ups for the Spring trip will start at the November social break for members. After the January social the Spring boat attendance opens to non members.
  6. Sign-ups for the Fall boat will be opened to all members at the April social break.
  7. Only payment in full by valid check or cash holds a spot. In general, checks will be deposited approximately 90 days prior to departure. The delayed deposit is a courtesy. Once you submit your check there are "NO REFUNDS" , emergency situations will be considered at the discretion of the Boat Committee.
  8. Individuals may have their check deposited earlier by writing "DEPOSIT NOW" on the check.
  9. Members attending the Spring boat are given priority for attendance on the Fall boat that same year. The priority is contingent on receipt of payment in full for the Fall trip by the end of the May social.
  10. Maximum occupancy is set at 36 +/-.
  11. Price is based on 32 people.
  12. After the member sign-up cut-off date, attendance on the boat will be opened to non member guests.
  13. For the Spring trip the member cut-off date for sign-up priority is the January social. After the January social, non member guests may sign-up for the Spring trip.

    b. For the Fall trip the member cut-off date for sign-up priority is the May social. After the May social, non members may sign-up for the Fall trip.

  14. The committee will evaluate whether or not there is enough people signed up to make the trip go prior to the 60 day cancellation period. For the Spring trip this is by mid February. For the Fall trip this is July 1.
  15. Fees and rebate policies are the same for members and nonmembers.
  16. The rebates will be rounded down to the nearest $10 if over $10. If the rebate is less than $10, no rebate will be given. This goes back to the policy established in 1994.
  17. Membership extends to qualified members and their spouses. Adult children age 21 and over need their own membership for consideration as members.
  18. Currently, only adults (18 years or older) are permitted to participate in these boat trips.
  19. Refunds and rebates will be handled at the discretion of the [majority of the] Boat Committee after all obligations are met and all expenses are determined. [The ability toprovide refunds will be determined after the trip when the number of attendees can be confirmed and all expenses paid and accounted. If there is insufficient funds to provide full refunds to all who had emergency cancellations, the money available for refunds will be equally divided among those affected.]
  20. Anyone who does not attend the Spring trip and receives any refund to help minimize their losses or sells their spot, forfeits any priority consideration for the Fall trip for that year.
  21. When a spot on the boat is resold directly from the person who purchased that spot, the spot retains its original bunk priority number. However, if a person is buying the next available spot from the club, they are added to the end of the priority list. The purpose of this policy is to encourage potential attendees to purchase spots from individuals who find they must sell their spot on the boat.
  22. A "Priority list" , bunk assignments, and the "Guidelines for Bunk Assignments" will be posted on each trip.